At observance

At observance Accurately to incline a cup so that the level of liquid touched lips and language the child but not to pour milk into a mouth.

At observance of these conditions the child independently drinks or as if pinches milk.

Advantages of a cup in comparison with a small bottle feeding does not form an incorrect stereotype of a sosaniye of a cup and not leads to refusal of the child of feeding by a breast; the cup washes easier and will be sterilized especially in house conditions; for feeding from a cup of the child it is required to take on hands the child, which sucks from the small bottle put on a small pillow can choke.

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If the child

If the child After vomiting you want to allow your stomach to rest a few hours.

If the child then asks thirsty, give him one or two a drink of water , but not more.

If this did not cause vomiting , through minutes to allow the child to have another drink a drink of water .

Gradually increase the amount of water to Cup.

After a few hours after vomiting child can be given that any of solid food, for instance, cookies, little banana or tbsp.

spoonful of applesauce.

Heartburn In most cases, heartburn appears from the high pH Gelu exploration juice , but sometimes it is peculiar pony by acidity or even a complete absence of in the stomach hydrochloric acid.

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Initially For Example who vase is on the table?

or From whom cat sitting on diva not?


at First, the children give the short answer is I, then complete answers.

At the first class is the leading adult, then they may be a child.

Diary of events Before going to sleep, remember the events of the day.

De bark little sketches of what happened.

Initially You can portray the yard, where walking, someone you know, j whom she met and purchases, which have acquired.

Drawings can be primitive, conditional.

Children, as a rule, don't criticize them.

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On his tummy

On his tummy From two to two and a half years Learn by heart Kids very quickly memorize verses, special if the words are followed by actions.

Read STI shock and show Tili BOM wzmacnia hands!

What a thunder plug my ears?

Well look at the clock Exactly one hour show one finger!

The game develops memory and speech.

And again the ball Put your baby tummy on inflatable ball and while cite, holding the legs.

On his tummy was polegli let's try it on the back.

Also good!

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However, this

However, this .

Be interested what the child is reading and looking at the TV before going to sleep, discuss the read seen or suggest something less scary.

However, this does not mean, that the child should be completely isolated from the terrible tales.

The tale teaches the child to contact with fear, helps guide channel experiencing fear outside, projecting fear the image of Baba Yaga, Koshcheev, etc.


Sokolov considers that the initial fear can defeat the other emotions love, fear, guilt, resentment, RAS expansion of borders recognition of the world as it is, it objectification or fee for finding the courage, and offers original the card file of psychotherapeutic solutions to this problem [].

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